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Maryland Balintawak Arnis

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Guro Bobby Ladra
Basic Instructor High Level 1



Feel the power & speed develop from within while you learn BALINTAWAK---THE CRY OF FREEDOM.
This is a series of drills in defense and counter moves with numerous variations done in close range. There is a progression of single stick, stick & hand, hand-hand, and a variety of disarming techniques. 
Some of these skills are taught through series of moves known as the grouping system.  These include lifting & clearing techniques, head movement, body flexibility moves, speed & reflexes, and defense against hand/blade/stick combinations. Another level focuses on the application of butting techniques.
The highest level allows the student to create their own combination of defense/counter/disarming situations against other Balintawak instructors.
A formal curriculum has been developed by Grand Master Bobby Taboada to help you understand how to use these skills so you may achieve your fullest potential. He strongly encourages teaching/sharing of his art with all interested students. In addition to demonstrating these techniques, he loves to tell of his adventures growing up in the Philippine Islands. With his sense of humor and devotion to Filipino Martial Arts, he has much to offer the serious martial arts student.



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